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A Little Bit About Me...


I am increasingly grateful that my journey has led me to this extraordinary learning community here at Carbon Valley, of which I am honored to be a part of, and am thrilled for the opportunity to get to work in creating a dedicated and passionate classroom community that is alive with a zest for knowledge, thinking and life.  I believe that fourth grade is an especially wonderful time in the lives of our students and is especially full of much social, emotional and academic growth; my hopes are that when your children look back it will have been a special time in their journey as a student.


Here are some things to know about me and my travels.  My wife and I moved to Colorado, almost eight years ago from Seattle, so she could take a choral music position at  CU Boulder.  I then took the occasion to return to school and get my teacher’s license
( to go along with my Bachelors in English Literature from the University of Washington).  I then spent a year subbing in St. Vrain before landing here at Carbon Valley three years ago.  Before that I worked (and spent many years coaching baseball and basketball) with children in a unique out of school setting for the better parts of 12 years in Seattle.  Besides working with children, my passions include being a dad (our daughter Graciela is almost five, and is here at Carbon Valley)), writing (children’s stories and poetry), painting and digging around in our backyard.  I have a tremendous weakness for dark chocolate, which I try to balance off with much running and hiking).


On a final note, I am a great believer that the boundaries of the learning community we create in our classroom extend well-beyond our walls and into your homes and even the greater world around us.  So, I will be communicating often and encourage you to contact me with any questions, concerns and recipes involving chocolate.



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Contact Information

I encourage home-school communication in order to best meet the needs of the students. Following is my contact information should you need to reach me.



Phone: (303) 774-9555 x 113



Link to Learning

If at at any time you find a link that does not work, please email me so that I can update the site. Also, please let me know if you have a site recommendation to add to this list. Thanks!

Math Links
Language Arts Links
Time   Synonyms and Antonyms
Game - Clockwise   Game – Synonym Toast - Challenging
Game - Stop the Clock and Other Time Games   Game - Swanky the Tooth Taker - "Goo Games"
Quizzes - Just in Time   Game - Same/Difference - I recommend level 3.
    Game – Synonym Word Scramble - Advanced May need a thesaurus
Probability   Game – Rocket Words
Game - Fish Tank Probability   Game – Antonyms Millionaire
    Game – Antonyms Battleship
Comparing Numbers   Game - Antonyms Jeopardy
Game – Comparing 1 to 3-Digit Numbers   Practice - Awesome Antonym Match-Up
Game/Quiz – Comparing 2 to 4-Digit Numbers   Practice - Synonym Matching
Quiz – Comparing 4-Digit Numbers   Game - Synonym Hangman
    Game - Synonym Search
Graphing/Coordinate Planes   Game - Synonym Balloons
Game - Tally Marks, Bar Graphs, Pictographs   Practice - Synonym/Antonym Match - Beginner
Practice - Make a Bar Graph   Practice - Synonym Matching
Game - Planet Hop – Coordinate Plane   Quiz – Antonym Jumble-aya - Challenging
Game - Bug Coordinate Planes   Game – Antonyms Wordweb I– Beginner
    Game – Antonyms Wordweb II – Challenging
Measurement/Weight   Practice - Antonyms Jigsaw – Beginner
Game - Measure It!    
Game/Quiz - Toon University Size Estimation   Reading Comprehension
Game - Artie Ounces Soda Machine – Challenging   Quiz/Game - Prediction Dig It!
    Game - Inference Battleship
Geometry   Game - Digger's Interactive Stories - Varied Age Levels
Games - Geometry Hangman and Boomerang Game   Quizzes – Reading Passages and Question - Can only do the passages with glasses
Quiz - Angles   Quiz – Main Idea
Game – Solid Figure Factory   Quiz - Reading Passage and Questions
Games - Solids Hangman and Sorter   Quiz - Sequencing - Passages and Questions
Game - Polygon Matching   Quiz - Reading Passage and Questions, Cloze
Song - Geometry Jingle   Quiz - Main Idea – Reading Passage and Questions
Practice - Polygon Playground    
Practice - Pattern Blocks   Vocabulary Building
Game - Shape Sorting – Challenging   Game - Multiple Meaning Jeopardy
    Game - Carnival of Words
Perimeter/Area   Game – Word Jungle – Definitions - Challenging
Game - Shape Surveyor   Game – eWord Game - Click on each story name and then choose the “eWord game” for a vocabulary game
Game/Quiz - Adam Ant   Game - Crossword Puzzle
    Games - Word Searches, Crosswords, etc.
Symmetry   Quiz - Globe Context Clues
Game - Symmetry Patterns   Quiz - Spider Context Clues
Game - Symmetry Sort   Quiz - Habit Adaptations Context Clues – Challenging
    Quizzes - Homophones
Patterns   Quiz - Using There, Their, or They’re – Challenging
Game - Number Cracker – Varied Levels    
Game - Crack the Code Number Patterns – Challenging   Prefixes, Suffixes, and Base/Root Words
Game - Crazy Pattern Machine – Increase the Difficulty   Game – Race to Ramses – Prefixes
Game - Pattern Mania   Game - Prefix Millionaire
    Game - Short Circuit – Prefix/Suffix Meanings - Challenging
Money   Game - Crystal Castle – Im- and In- Prefixes
Game - Counting Change Game   Game - Word Works – Using Prefixes and Suffixes
Practice/Quiz - Counting Change   Game - Nifty Thrifty Fifty Suffixes Jeopardy
Practice/Quiz – Counting Change 2   Game - Prefix Tower
Game – Money Workbench – Identify, Count, Add, Subtract   Practice - Root/Base Word Matching
Game - Scottie Nickel’s Change Maker – Challenging   Practice – Prefix Puzzle
Game – Cash Out - Making Change - Challenging   Game - Prefix Catch
Game - Farm Stand   Game - Prefix Crossword – Challenging
Game - Change Maker   Game - Fish Tank Prefixes, Suffixes, and Base Words – Challenging
Game - Counting Change Matching   Quiz - Rooting Out Words – Challenging
Game – Dollar Dive   Practice - Words with Suffixes
Game - Making Change – Challenging   Practice – Matching Prefixes - Beginner
Game - Count the Money – Challenging   Practice – Matching Prefixes 2 – Beginner
    Practice – Suffixes and Base Word Match – Beginner
Game - Sum Sense   Compound Words
Game – Math Fries   Quiz – Breaking Down Compound Words
Game - Adding Millionaire   Practice - Compound Word Matching
Game - 2 Player Bug Race Addition – Enter Own Minimum/Maximum Numbers   Practice - Snowman - Building Compound Words – Beginner
Game - Addition Pinball – Beginner   Practice - Building Compound Words – Beginner
Game - Speed Grid Addition    
Game - Monkey Addition   Contractions
Game – Ed, Edd, n Eddy Addition – Beginner   Game - Fly By Contractions
Game – Batman Addition – Beginner   Practice – Contraction Matching – Beginner
Game - Addition Matho   Quizzes - Contractions - Beginner
Game - Addition Hidden Picture   Quiz - Making Contractions
Game - 2 Player Ghost Blaster   Quiz - Making Contractions 2
Game - 2 Player Ghost Blaster II– Challenging   Practice - Contraction Matching
Game - Add Like Mad - Challenging   Practice - Contraction Matching 2
Game - Addition Surprise – Beginner    
Game - 2 Player Addition Challenge   Subject-Verb Agreement
Quiz/Game - Addition Machine - Varied Levels   Game/Quiz - Matching the Correct Verb to the Subject
Practice - Balancing Addition Scales   Quiz - Grammatically Correct Sentences
Game - Three Digit Addition – Challenging    
Game - Addition Waterslide   Irregular Verbs
    Game - Irregular Verb Jeopardy
Subtraction   Quiz - Identifying the Correct Verb - Challenging
Game - Subtraction Action - Challenging   Quiz - Identifying the Correct Verb II - Challenging
Game - Subtraction Math Magician – Beginner   Quiz - Identifying the Correct Verb III - Challenging
Game - Waterslide Subtraction   Quiz - Identifying the Correct Verb IV - Challenging
Game - Subtraction Millionaire – Challenging   Quiz - Identifying the Correct Verb VI – Using Lay or Lie Correctly - Challenging
Game - Speed Grid Subtraction    
Game - Subtraction Machine   Complete Sentences & Types of Sentences
Game - 2 Player Ghost Subtraction   Quiz - Identifying Complete Sentences
Game - Hockey Subtraction – Basic Math Facts   Quiz - Complete Sentences, Types of Sentences, and Writing Sentences Correctly
Game - Subtraction Hidden Picture   Quizzes - Practice with Complete Sentences, Sentences Make Sense, Capital Letters/PeriodsNote: This site is from the UK, so some terms are slightly different. For example, a period is called a full stop.
    Quiz - Sentence or Fragment
Multiplication   Game - Identifying and Correcting Types of Sentences
Game - Meteor Multiplication   Game - Monkey Game - Building Complete Sentences
Game - Multiplication Station   Game - Penguins on Ice – Building Complete Sentences
Game - Tunnel Blaster   Powerpoint with Interactive Quiz Questions – Complete Sentences - Need to have Powerpoint on your computer or download the Free Powerpoint viewer
Game - Multiplication Millionaire   Practice - Making Complete Sentences that Make Sense
Game - Multiflyer   Quiz – Making Complete Sentences
Games - Variety of Multiplication Games   Quiz - Identifying Sentence Fragments - Challenging
Game - Multiplication Matho – Challenging   Quiz- Identifying Sentence Fragments II- Challenging
Game - Multiplication Hidden Picture   Quiz - Identifying Sentence Fragments III – Challenging
Game - Multiplication Math Magician – Beginner   Quiz - Fixing Sentence Fragments - Challenging
Game/Practice - Multiplication Trees    
Game - Lemonade Stand – Multiplying Money   Capitalization and Punctuation
Game - Mighty Math – Challenging – 2 Digits x 1 Digit   Game - Punctuation Paintball – Capital Letters/Punctuation
Game - Multiplication   Game - Capitalization and Punctuation Millionaire
Game - Balloon Invaders – Challenging   Game - Power Proofreading – Punctuation/Capital Letters
    Game - Penguins on Ice – Choosing the Correct End Mark
Division   Quiz – Correct Capitalization and Punctuation
Game - Division Math Magician – Beginner   Quiz - Correct Capitalization and Punctuation
Game - Division   Game - Edit Dan’s Copy – Proofreading for Capital Letters and Punctuation - Challenging
Practice/Game - Divider Machine - Varied Levels   Quiz – Correct Capitalization and Punctuation
Game - Division Cards   Quiz – Correct Capitalization and Punctuation II
    Game – Comma ConfusionNeed to Click on Game Title
Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide - Mixed   Game - Wall of Words - Buiding Sentences with Punctuation
Game - Math Football   Quiz - Apostrophes
Game – Math Mayhem – Race Against Other People    
Game - Code Cracker   Poetry & Rhymes
Game - Coloring Book Math Facts   Game - Wizards and Pigs – Rhyme, Alliteration, and Rhythm Best with Sound
Game – Connect Four with Math Facts   Quiz – Poetry Crazy Quiz
Game - Math Baseball   Riddles - Annie’s Rhyme Time – Solve the Riddles or Send in Your Own
Game - Mathcar Racing    
Game – Leon’s Math Dojo   Parts of a Sentence and Parts of Speech (Nouns, Verbs, Etc.)
Game – Cyberchallenge   Game - Sink or Swim – Subject/Predicate
Game - Timed Math Drills   Game – Clean Up Your Grammar – Identifying Nouns and Verbs
Game – Math Drills – Timed or Untimed – Can Mix Types of Problems   Game - Rocket Word Tag – Identifying Parts of Speech Game
Game - Build a Bug   Game - Mad Libs Junior
Game - Number Cruncher   Game – Wacky Web Tales
    Game - Common and Proper Noun Basketball
Number Sense/Place Value   Game – Rat’s Nouns and Verbs
Game/Quiz - Place Value Puzzler   Quiz - Identifying Parts of Speech
Game - Making Numbers    
Game - Frog Palace   Fun Writing Prompts
Game - Expanded Form Matching   Practice - Writing Fix
Game – Reading 3 Digit Numbers   Practice - Bright Ideas
Game – Place Value Golf    
Game – Place Value Cannon - Challenging   Spelling - Enter Your Own Spelling Words
Quiz/Practice – Cats in a Row – Place in Line   Practice - Look, Cover, Write, and Check MethodEnter Your Spelling Words and then Press Go
    Game - Word Safari - Enter your Own Spelling Words and Play a Game – 8 Letter Words or Less
Games – Fishy Fractions   Spelling - Other Words
Quiz/Game – Fractions   Game - Everglades Spelling Race
Lesson/Quiz - Pizza Fractions   Game - Battleship of Frequently Misspelled Words
Lesson/Practice – Fraction Models   Game -Battleship 2
Lesson/Quiz - Fourths   Game - Hangman
Game - Matching Fractions   Game - Fearless Frieda - BeginnerNeeds Sound
Practice - Visual Fractions/Circles   Game - Spin and Spell - Beginner
Practice - Visual Fractions/Sets   Games – Spellits
Practice - Egyptian Fractions – Adding Fractions   Games - Spellbound
Game - Comparing Fractions – Challenging   Game - Fishing for Words – Ending in Y/Double Consonant
Game - Making Pizzas – Challenging    
Practice - Shade in Fractions    
Game/Practice - Fraction Fun    
Game/Practice - Pizza Party - Beginner    
Game - Rounding Off – Challenging    
Game/Quiz - Round Number - Challenging    
Quiz - Sea Shell Rounding – Nearest 10    
Word Problems    
Game – Leon’s Math Stories    
Game - Grand Slam Math    
Game - Hoops - Challenging    
Story/Quiz - Sock Adventure