Dress Code and Purchase Information

School Uniforms

To view the Carbon Valley Academy uniform policy, please click here and see page 10. This uniform policy applies to all functions on school property and during all school activities in other locations, unless otherwise notified. The principal reserves the right to make judgments concerning the requirement of uniforms on school field trips.

Students are also permitted to wear Carbon Valley Academy shirts and sweatshirts sold by the school or an authorized vendor on Fridays and Free Dress Days.

If you have any questions about the dress code, please call us at 303-774-9555 or email us at help@cvamail.com. Please stop by the school office to pick up the latest catalog.

Why does Carbon Valley Academy have a uniform policy?

The objective of a dress code at Carbon Valley Academy is to promote a more effective learning environment by:

  • Placing students of different socio-economic levels on an even footing in regard to their appearance.
  • Eliminating the “fashion show” behavior, which can be a distraction in the classroom.
  • Reinforcing that the primary purpose of school is education.
  • Fostering good order, discipline, values, and behaviors in our students.
  • Enhancing the educational environment of our students to promote learning in the classroom.
  • Learning that a neat, professional appearance is a valuable career skill.
  • Building a sense of community within the school and creating an atmosphere of belonging. This sense of unity can positively affect students’ attitudes toward school and can lead to better learning and improved attendance.
  • Making it easier for school officials to identify non-students while promoting a safe and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Promoting time efficiency and organization – parents will find shopping less complicated and enforcement will be more straightforward. It will also be easier for students to get dressed in the morning.
  • Helping students express themselves in a positive manner. Instead of expressing themselves through their hairstyle and clothing, students will express themselves through the arts, music, sports, personality, and academic achievement.

Uniform Resources

Information about a local source for uniforms is available here.

For information on Carbon Valley Academy’s uniform sale and exchange program see below.

The French Toast brand is sold online at the French Toast website. Locally, it is sold in August and September at the Longmont Target or online through www.target.com. Lands End and Arrow brands are also available online or at local retail stores.

You also have the option of ordering directly from French Toast by calling 1-800-636-3104. When placing your order over the phone or online, enter the school source code QS5WRMY. This way, CVA receives a 5% commission on your order, which helps raise funds for school needs like building equipment, field trips, software, supplies, and so on.

All white and all black sneakers can be found at www.shoes.com and through other online shoe sites. Locally, Foot Locker, Target, and Payless offer a selection of all white sneakers. (Sneakers can also be found through their websites).

CVA Embroidery

The option to have shirts, sweaters and jackets embroidered with the CVA logo is now on the French Toast website in our school’s section. (Click here then pick “Colorado,” “Frederick,” and type in “Carbon” OR type in code # QSRWRMY to go to our web page.)

Need Uniforms . . . . . . We Have Them!

Have Uniforms . . . . . . We Need Them!

Shop Your School First for Your Uniform Needs and Find HUGE Savings!

All proceeds go directly to Carbon Valley Academy and you can receive credits for uniforms or toward your volunteer hours.

Please contact Joann Tanaka-Cuerden via email at cvauniforms@cvamail.com or phone at 
720-371-1612 with any questions or needs. If you don’t have email, fill out the form, place it in the basket and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Remember that scholarships are available for all reduced lunch students.