Carbon Valley Academy Families

The daily schedule for on-line learning is posted on the school's Facebook page and website, under the parents tab.  In addition, your child's teacher either has or will be posting on their individual teacher pages.  If you can't locate it, please let Ms. Asher know, and she can assist you.
Monday, March 30th, from 8-noon, the building will be open for one final time for you to pick up any materials your child may need.  Remember, we will have paper packets available ONLY for those students without internet access or who do not have a device at home.  We are trying not to make unnecessary copies.  When you come to either pick up a packet or to get something for your student, please only adults in the building.
The board will have an on-line tomorrow evening from 5:30-7:00 to continue strategizing how to maintain educational opportunities for our students.  Only one action item will be completed, which is the renewal of my contract for next year.  All of the remaining time will be spent in discussion.   If you have questions or comments you want to ask or share, please post on Facebook and the board will discuss.  Answers and other information will be posted the following day.
Once we have closed the building at noon on Monday, March 30 it will not be opened until at least two weeks other than for a cleaning crew to come in.  Getting the building cleaned and then having it remain closed is one of the best things we can do to assure that germs and viruses have a chance to die!!
Finally, I ask for an extension of grace from you.  I know that I may be missing something that seems quite obvious to you, or that our teachers may struggle a bit as we get going next week.  For many of us, this is the first time of attempting something like this and it will likely not be perfect!  Rest assured that we are all doing our best, just as we know that you are and will continue to do so.
Stay home and stay safe!