CVA will continue in-person learning for our students!

Dear Carbon Valley Academy Families,

Thank you to everyone for their continued help in keeping CVA operating smoothly this fall. We wanted to update you on our going-forward plan so everyone has awareness around our approach for the remainder of the year. 

CVA will continue in-person learning for our students until/if the state issues a mandatory stay-at-home order much like they did last spring, or it becomes necessary to implement our quarantine procedure as demonstrated a couple of weeks ago. While many districts have made the difficult decision to go to full-time virtual instruction, we believe that, with your continued help, we have maintained a safe and positive learning environment since August, and that we can continue to do so. 

We appreciate the cooperation thus far with parents not coming into the building, families doing temperature checks at home, our teachers consistently maintaining a safe environment, and everyone ensuring students are arriving at school with masks on. All of these things, along with our internal safety precautions, have allowed us to continue providing an excellent and healthy environment in which to learn and teach.    

Even and especially now, CVA's commitment to our mission remains firm: to provide rich content and solid skills instruction in an environment that champions growth and character development in our students. Thank you to every one of our staff, parents, family members, and students who are helping us continue to achieve this.  

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. 

Janet Wyatt, Esq.

Executive Director

Carbon Valley Academy

4040 Coriolis Way

Frederick, CO 80504