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Welcome to Humanities!

May 13-17
Wow, where did the school year go?  This is your very last spelling test week of the year.  Who wants to hit the rewind button with me, and start over again?  This is your last week of grades as well, so make sure all of your final projects are turned in and are spectacular!  You have all done such an amazing job this year, I am so very proud of you.  I know that switching it up to a Humanities class instead of your regular English and History class was a lot, but I couldn't be more pleased with the results, and looking forward to making it even better next year!  Thank you all for such an amazing year!
Humanities 3 - We will finish up the speeches and then do one last fun project to get us to the end of the year.  Nothing crazy, just a nice way to unwind our year.  Your spelling words for ths week are: Aerial, Collateral, Dominance, Extricate, Internally, Miscellaneous, Personality, Semester, Unsanitary, Vivacious.
Humanities 2 - We will have a couple of work days for our speeches and all speeches will be given on Thursday and Friday of next week.  Do not forget you have to have a visual aid and they must include, why we need to know this, what are all the steps, and what are any safety concerns.  We still have a very busy week this last full week of school so please buckle down and really put in all your effort!  We have some great demonstrations taking place I am excited to see what you come up with.  Your spelling words for the week are  Changeable, Disgraceful, Encounter, Fundamental, Impossibility, Movement, Organization, Pedestrian, Reddest, Sincerity.
Humanities 1 - We will go back to Socratic Seminars and really work on doing a few of them over this next week to get you ready and prepared for the rigor of them next year.  The amount of work and understanding that has happened this last week has been so wonderful to watch, I am truly excited to see what you all produce next year!  Your spelling words for the week are:  Community, Frighten, Honorable, Inquire, Minus, Persuade, Referred, Senior, Threat, Visible.  
May 6-10
If you are a student traveling to Washington DC, please remember that we have a mandatory meeting this Friday after school with Parents at 5:30.  We will be going over a lot of information, so please be on time and ready to listen.
There is no spelling this week since there was no Monday.  Next week will be the last week for a spelling test!
Give it your all on these last NWEA tests and you are essentially done for the year.  With only 12 and a half days left, we are all ending on a strong note!
April 29-May 3, 2019
Well, we have to love technology.  It shows that I saved this on Friday, but when I went back in today there is nothing there.  So, let's try again.  Sorry about that guy's I know you like a few extra days to study for your spelling words, but I know you will still do well this Friday, even without the extra few days. 
Humanities 1 - We are going to start looking at the beginning of the year stuff we did, to refresh our memories, and hopefully give us a headstart on the beginning of the year next year as well.  You guys have done a lot of great work this year, so I want to finish just as strong and really drill in these concepts of annotations, PEAL paragraphs, and try our hand at a Socratic seminar as well.  Your words for this week are  Comfortable, Disastrous, Emptiness, Luggage, Mention, Personal, Regular, Selection, Thousand, Violence.
Humanities 2 - We are finishing up our topic on Poetry this week and moving right into our next unit which is the final unit for you all speeches.  It is going to be quick, but fun!  We will work on a couple more poem creations this week and analyze a poem or two as well.  Your spelling words for this week are  Achievement, Boundary, Immobilize, Mortgage, Ordinary, Penicillin, Recruit, Sincerely, Transferring, Violation.
Humanities 3 - We are finishing the year with our speeches.  We should be through them all by the end of next week.  Really work hard this week and make sure you are looking at the rubric the entire time to see if you are getting the score you want.  I am very excited to hear all the commencement addresses in the class as well as the informative, persuasive, and demonstrative.  Remember 8th graders, one of your speeches will be delivered the night of continuation on May 23rd.  Your words for this week are  Advantageous, Budget, Collaborate, Discrepancy, Extremity, Intermittent, Minimize, Scholar, Unpredictable, Vitamin.
This year has gone by very quickly.  The amazing amount of growth I have seen in all of you is very inspiring.  Thank you all for doing your best each and every day.  I know we will continue to work hard these last few weeks and continue to grow!   
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April 22-26, 2019
We are finally back to a normal schedule.  Well, as normal as we can get.  = ).  Remember we have the Rockies game on Wednesday and Junior Achievement on Friday.  We will still have spelling words this week, but we will take the test on Thursday, so be sure to have your words ready!
Humanities 1 - There are a few more days of poetry ahead of us.  I have been so very impressed by all of the poems you have written so far, as well as the great analysis you have done with the poems we have read.  Excellent work everyone.  Your words for this week are as follows: Autumn, Combination, Disagreement, Employer, Freight, History, Injury, Location, Thicken, Vein.
Humanities 2 - We are moving forward with our curriculum and our next unit is poetry.  We have a couple of weeks of writing, analyzing and reading poems from many different authors.  I can't wait to see what this class comes up with!  Your words for this week are as follows: Accompanied, Boulevard, Cemetery, Discourage, Enclosing, Frequently, Guarantee, Humility, Transferred, Vigorously.
Humanities 3 - This class is on their very last unit for the year.  We are working on our speeches.  We will start giving our speeches in front of the class on May 3rd, May 7th, and 8th, and finish up any on the 9th that are still left.  Be prepared with visual aids and anything else you might need for your speech no later than the 2nd of May.  If you are struggling with anything, you need to come to see me so I can help out.  Your words for this week are as follows: Adolescent, Brilliance, Circumference, Discernible, Existence, Frostbitten, Integrity, Metropolitan, Outrageous, Perseverance.
I hope you all have a great weekend!  Enjoy this wonderful weather.