Weekly Update 4-22-19

Hello!  We are quickly nearing the end of the school year.  May will be here before you know it!  Students are anxiously awaiting the arrival of some baby chicks.  I'm hoping to see some activity any day now!
We continue to practice sight words and inference skills in reading. Please continue to read and ask comprehension questions at home!  You made it all year... don't stop now!
Math skills continue to grow as students practice adding and subtracting using skills like a number line and counting on.  Try putting some cards face down in an block (like you are going to play Memory).  Turn two cards over and add the two cards.  See who can get closer to 10 without going over.  Practicing counting on when playing this game.
It's time to look for all those lost library books.  We have about two more weeks of library left and any books not returned are charged to you.  Please bring the books back as soon as possible.
Have a super week!