Ms. Carlalee Boettger » First week of Trimester 3 complete!

First week of Trimester 3 complete!

In one week your students studied for an assessment, took the assessment, participated in a global math contest (Mathcon) and reviewed 2/3 of the course vocabulary!  Whew!!!  Be proud of your middle school student!

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Last Friday!

We are finishing up the year with a celebration of "lasts".  5th graders will return to their home classroom for leadership next week, 5th graders taking 6th grade math will join their classmates in a project.  CVA students watched the premier production of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" this afternoon, with our Spanish dancers as the finale.  Students looked happy, engaged and excited.  In math we are finishing up as well.  Last IXL report, last assignment, last performance task.  There is no middle school math grade under a C, very few missing assignments and NWEA scores clearly showing growth.  A memorable year comes to a close!

Finishing Up!

I have posted information about finishing up trimester, month or 2018.  Today I post about finishing up the entire school year!  Middle School students showed strong growth this year by measure of their NWEA tests.  Many achieved a yearly goal early, indicated by the Winter NWEA scores.  Great job!  Grades are excellent, there are very few missing assignments.  We are all, indeed, finishing up.  This week students will be doing their last problem set and an end of year check in IXL.  Thanks to all the families for the support you have given CVA, staff and your child this year.  What a difference it has made!

13 1/2 days though who is counting???

When our Middle School students return on Tuesday May 7, they will have 13 1/2 more days of school.  Students will be taking the last NWEA tests and celebrating the completion of 100 Lessons!  Ice cream will be served at recess on Wednesday in recognition of this major accomplishment.  I am particularly proud of how hard all the classes have worked this last week.  As I write this, the boards are filled with integer operations, applications of the Pythagorean Theorem and using trig functions for finding missing sides and angles of triangles.  The Honors Algebra 1 class is using the Quadratic Equation to find the heights of projectiles.
Impressive!  Thanks to all you have done this year!

A normal week!

I introduced this week as "normal", five days with math instruction on all five.  A Performance task is scheduled on Friday.  Be proud of your middle school student...all classes have been working so hard this week!  Maybe, just outside of normal, is the snow and cold on the last two days of April.  Guess that is OK for Colorado!