Frequently Asked Questions for Distance Learning

F.A.Q Sheet

This is a list of commonly asked questions that have been asked to us about distance learning.  Please check here for answers, if you do not see the question/answer you are looking for, please reach out to us on Facebook or email.  We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

  1. Will students need webcams or a device with a built in camera?  
  1. No, there is a call in option for zoom sessions.

  1. Will students also have lessons in Spanish? Art? PE? Tech? Music?  
  1. Yes, most classes are set up already.

  1. If we are doing Google classroom will students also need a CVA email address?  
  1. Yes, this has been taken care of.  

  1. Are there going to be scheduled online times for students or will it be more freeform?  
  1. Yes, there is a schedule

  1. Are teachers getting the support they need to revise all lesson plans? 
  1. Yes, Thank you for asking!

  1. Will students need their textbooks?
  1. Some classes require textbooks.  Your child’s teacher should communicate this to you.  They can be picked up on the 30th between 8-noon. Only parents may enter the building to pick up packets, or textbooks.

  1. How often can we expect communication from school leadership/teachers, and receive this communication?
  1. We are putting out information as soon as we get it via Infinite Campus, Facebook, and the Website. In addition, teachers should have class pages set up and communicate that with you as well.

  1. If my student does not have a computer at home, or internet access, what can I do?
  1. We will have print packets available for students that do not have technology or the internet.  Many internet providers are currently offering low cost or free internet for students during this time, call your local providers to see if you qualify.

  1. I have more then one student at CVA, will they need to be online at the same time to view live lessons?
  1. The schedule that has been prepared and sent out staggers by grade level so not all kids will need to be online at the same time.  Additionally, the lessons are being recorded and can be viewed when convenient.

  1. For families that do not have a printer, to print out lessons, what should we do?
  1. Teachers have been made aware not to include lessons that require a printer, or to include other options.