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The Learning Continnum

My top recommendations for continuing your child's learning experiences over the summer months are, i-Ready Reading and Math instruction.  The i-Ready lessons will help improve your student's skills and prepare them for the coming school year. 
Secondly, what about Lalilo?  Recently, a principal described Lalilo as "the bomb for phonemic awareness".  I agree!  You can learn more about  supporting your child's reading skills, Kindergarten through second grade by clicking:  Learn more about lalilo
The next time you're shopping at Target or Walmart, pick up a Summer Bridge Activities Workbook.  With this workbook you can "Play School" with your children.  Helpful Hint: Reverse your roles and let them teach you how to complete the worksheet and have them direct you to make corrections. Make it FUN!
Of course, nothing is better than being outside in the sunshine and playing!  I propose a healthy balance of indoor/outdoor playtime, a bit of computer time, and yes, cozying up with a good book.  I love to read.  At any given time, I'm reading several books.  
Please feel free to reach out to me over the summer for more ideas and/or suggestions.  Thank you for the honor and pure pleasure of getting to know your child!