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Week January 19-22

This week, 
Second grade - fourth grade is learning :
High-frequency verbs:  Negative form
NO Quiero/ No Quiere
NO me gusta/ NO le gusta
NO tengo/ NO tiene
NO le doy/ NO le da
Fifth grade is learning the verbo : GUSTAR ( to be pleasing to)
 Me gusta/ Le gusta
Me gusta/ No me gusta
Le gusta? No le gusta
Te gusta?
Kinder and first grade is learning:
1)Que te gusta hacer en el invierno? What do you like to do in winter?
   2) Me pongo:  I put on
       el gorro :  hat 
       los guantes: gloves
       la chaqueta : Jacket 
       las botas : boots
       la bufanda: scarf     
Spanish Level 1: Verb to Want
Yo quiero tacos / el quiere tacos
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Spanish January 11-15

This week, 
Second grade - fourth grade is learning a new high- frequency verb:
To give (dar)
Le doy( I give)
Le da (she/he gives) 
Fifth grade is learning the verb To Have  (Tener)
Tengo ( I have)
Tiene (has)
Kinder and first grade is learning: Que te gusta hacer en el invierno?
                                                        (What do you like to do in winter?
Spanish Level 1: Verb To go (Ir)
¿A dónde vas? Voy al mall.
 Where are you going?  I am going to the mall.
La clase de Español con Sra. Kalina
¡Feliz Año Nuevo 2021!
This week January 4- 9th in Spanish:
We will continue with :
Kinder & first grade: El invierno ( Winter)
Second grade  - fifth grade: High-Frequency verbs
Middle school Spanish 1: Super 7/ verbo Ir (to go)

Upcoming Dates:
January 11  Spirit week!
January 15  Free dress day
January 18  No School!
In the future:
February 1st, PD day for Teachers No school
February 2nd, Work Ethic/ Friendship videos
Feb 9 & 11,  P\T Conferences - 4-8 PM
Feb 12, Non-Contact Day - No School
Feb 22,  President's Day - No School
Mar 1, Professional Day. - No School

Spanish week: 17-20

K & First grade:
Me gusta / No me gusta (I like/ I don't like)
Second - Third and Fourth Grade:
Soy: I am
Quiero/ No quiero: I want / I don't want
Fifth grade:
Verbo  SER (to be) + descriptive adjectives.
I am : yo soy
He/She is: El/Ella es
We are : Nosotros somos
They are: Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes son
Middle school class: Verbo Hay (There is/are)
Students are learning Spanish through comprehensible stories, music, games, dancing, projects and movements.

This week: Distance learning Nov 2-Nov6

Nov 2-Nov 6 2020
Hola Chicos y Chicas:
This week in Spanish : We are going to review the following subject from K-5 grades. Clink on the links (do double click please) and sing along with the videos:
Los dias de la semana:
Las estaciones 
El calendario
Las emociones
Los colores

Spanish class week: Oct 26-30 
Middle school students finish the "Altar" to Frida Kahlo and  share their
"Dia de los muertos"  Google Slides with elementary students.
Dia de los muertos
This week Oct 19-23 in the Spanish class, we are talking about the history of the "Dia de los muertos" , traditions and celebrations.
El otono
Oct 6 7 & 8 Students learn all about FALL. el otoño
Monday Oct 5 NO SCHOOL
Tuesday/ Thursday Oct 6 & 8 from 4 - 8 pm Parent Teacher Conferences.
Friday Oct 9 NO SCHOOL