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This week in Spanish January 21-24
K-3 : Mi familia. Students identify different family members.
4th grade: Que hay en tu escuela? Students use the verb hay to provide information about their school.
5th grade:  Continue : Me gusta/ No me gusta. Students give information about their interests and hobbies.
Middle school class: SER - ESTAR ( verb To be).
Students will be able to use present tense of verb to be in a sentence successfully.

Spanish week January 13-17/2020

 This week in Spanish:
Students will continue:
  • K-2: La ropa. Students are learning clothing vocabulary.
  • 4th grade:  Como se llama EL /ELLA?
  • 5 grade: Giving information about their interests and hobbies.
  • Me gusta /No me gusta
  • Middle school: Students will learning:
  • Classroom vocabulary + Verb HAY (There is/are).
             Being Bilingual ROCKS!

Hola. Feliz 2020
Hope you had a wonderful winter break. 
This week in Spanish January 7-10/ 2020
Students will continue:
  • introducing themselves to others
  • Giving and request personal information, such as name, age, etc..
  • Describe themselves or others, giving information about their personality, family relationships, interests, and hobbies.
week of : December 9- 13-
Spanish Students continue  to identifying the parts of the body.
Kindergarten starts to practice "Las Posadas" for Holidays of the world.
Thank you to all CVA families for your support to the Spanish Class.
                     Happy Thanksgiving Day 2019
Spanish Noviembre 18 al 22 
  • Brainstorm with students things they are thankful for in Spanish.
  • MI FAMILIA  (My family)
  • MIS PAPÁS (My parents)
  • MIS AMIGOS (My friends)
  • MIS PROFESORES  (My teachers)
  • MIS ABUELOS (my grandparents)
  • MIS HERMANOS/AS (My siblings)
  • MI PERRO (my dog)
  • MI GATO (my cat)
  • LA COMIDA ( food)
  • Thankful Turkey Project:
  • Students will chose a half sheet of colored paper, markers and scissors.students trace their hands and cut them out. 
  • Students will write something they are thankful for on each finger of the hand "feather."
  • Teacher will the thankful hands on the board. 
          Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break from Nov 25 - Nov 29.
Spanish Class week: Nov 4- 7
Students tell what the weather is like.
Students comprehend the question: Qué tiempo hace?
Oct 28- Nov 1st  in Spanish will celebrate Dia de los muertos with:
Coloring sheets,movie COCO, candy, pan de muerto  and a lot of fun.
 After the  movie questions.
After watch Ferdinand students will answer questions and match phrases and characters from the movie.             
Cual  es tu personaje favorito de la pelicula?

Oct 7-11

Spanish class are celebrating the Hispanic Heritage month.
Students wiil:
Watch the movie " Ferdinand"
Describe the characters in Spanish
Answer questions In Spanish and English about the movie.

We are celebrating in Octubre:  Hispanic Heritage month.
Every year Hispanic Heritage Month or LatinHeritage Month is celebrated in my Spanish class from October 1 - October 31. It is the perfect opportunity to infuse Spanish class with culture. 
Students will learn food, music, songs, dance, art, maps, flags, geography and more about every country. 
Students will do projects and watch movies during this month of Octubre.