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A bit about me!

My Biography


I am a fifth generation Colorado native, third generation from Loveland.  Traveling is my passion; Canada, Mexico, Europe and 48 states have been visited so far.  Teaching is my career; I have been a staff member in public schools, 2 private schools with CVA my first charter school.


My love is middle school, math and the opportunity to make a difference in the world. 

          Work hard. Be  nice!





Welcome to the new website and 5 weeks of the 2018-2019 school year, in room 134, Middle School math.

I’m Carlalee Boettger, but I go by Carlee as an easier first name

I'm qualified to teach 6-12 math and physics in Colorado and Wyoming.


I have taught grades 6-12 and a year of college.  My favorite years are the middle school ones! 


Fun Fact 1

I wanted to be a teacher at the age of 5.  I had a board, a teacher desk and a student desk.  My first student was my father.  We did math because I couldn’t read his handwriting!  My second student was my sister.  She was great in all subjects!


Fun Fact 2

You probably have heard of an Exchange student.  Did you know that there are programs similar to that for teachers?  As a Fulbright scholar,  I applied to be an exchange teacher to England.  I swapped jobs, houses and cars with a teacher in Doncaster (northern England) for a year.  What an exciting experience!!!



When I am not teaching, or planning lessons I am:

outside!  I love to work in the garden.  My yearly goal is to

grow enough herbs and vegetables to last a summer. 

So far I can’t seem to last past August…maybe this year.






Lets reorganize!

Middle School students had a difficult week.  Could you help your students organize?  First, Chromebooks must be charged at home; I recommend nightly.  Next, make sure your student has pencils and a water bottle.  Once a week you should see the PBIS notebook brought home; we ask you look over the entries and sign it.  If you haven't signed up for Parent Teacher Conferences yet, please do!  Your students will discuss their strengths, areas to improve and summarize the results of the iReady Diagnostic test from Winter!
Questions?  Just email!

18 weeks left!

Does that seem quite a long time from now?  Those weeks will fly, so it is important to keep checking on the calendar!  This is a three day weekend, we meet again on Tuesday 1/19/2021.  Students should begin the Read-a-Thon and parents should sign up for Parent/Teacher conferences.  All of us need to remember to wear masks inside the building, social distance and wash our hands!  Algebra has a text on Friday and we need to keep pencils sharpened, hand sanitizer available and assignments planned.  Questions? Just email!

First full school week of 2021!

What a great start to the New Year!  Classwork was accurate, creativity surged and the Middle School energy was in full gear.  We look forward to Spirit Week starting tomorrow. Tutoring is available after school in math and science Monday-Thursday, 3:30-4:30.  Interested?  Contact me!  Have a great week!


We're here in a New Year!  
The coming Monday is a Professional Development day. CVA staff will be preparing for the coming month, including scheduling new opportunities for after school tutoring.  
As of today (Saturday January 2, 2021) all grades are finished and posted. Questions? Just email! Tutoring will continued to be offered Monday-Thursday, 3:30-4:30. Sessions are available for 30 or 60 minutes. If you are interested, let me know. Be sure to pack pencils, your calculator, hand sanitizer and a mask (extras help). Check to make sure your Chromebook is fully charged. See you soon!

4 1/2 School Days of 2020 remaining

Who's counting school days left?  Maybe all of us!  During those 4 1/2 days Middle School students will accomplish three things.  First, iReady Winter tests are finished.  For students who wish to retest, the option will be open this week.
Second, 6th and 7th grade will review for and take a Cumulative Assessment on Wednesday.  Algebra students will complete a Performance Task.   Last, the unit is finished for all classes on Thursday.  Packets will be completed and graded by then.  We will be ready for a winter break...and 2021!

We are ready for iReady

Middle School math students will take the iReady Winter progress test next Tuesday and Wednesday. Everyone is encouraged to do their best. Results will be ready by the week of December 14. With new data, students will work to improve using Reflex math, Ready tutorial and Prodigy.  Wish our students well!!!

A week to refresh!

I wish all CVA students and families the best during these challenging times!
May there be smiles, laughs, happy memories and good food to mark the holiday season.
I will continue to accept photos of work due, emailed to me this last week of November.  Grades will be entered in Infinite Campus at the beginning of December.  If you should want some extra credit, do 60 minutes of iReady, lessons only counting.  If you want a challlenge, win that Cupcake game.  It's difficult.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!  Be safe and well!

Back to school with a new trimester!

The beginning of a new trimester is always exciting!  Time to start grades with a clean slate, tackle new electives and look forward to some winter vacation time.
This week for 6th and 7th grade we will review and take a Cumulative Assessment.  Honors Algebra will finish the study of solving systems of equations by elimination, then take a quiz over solving.  I am grateful for all of our CVA families and staff for finishing the first third of the year with success!

Finishing up

After a successful week of Zoom Room, it looks as if we will return to in person instruction Monday.  We computed, chatted, solved and smiled our way through 6 days of on line education.  Congratulations to our CVA students (and their parents) for this achievement.  Next week, make sure those Chromebooks are charged, masks are packed and you bring your math books back.
See you soon!

Here's to a good week!

Moving to online instruction this week has made me realize just how much Middle School students have accomplished in the first trimester.  Math students are nearing their "200 page" celebration, Algebra students will start solving systems of equations, Elective students have developed insight as to the comparison between books and a movie based on that book.  
This week?  I look to attendance daily, participation in Zoom and finishing an assignment and handing it in to me electronically.
Have a wonderful first week of November!

Tutoring and a Test

Carbon Valley is offering free tutoring for all students in Math and Science after school.   Teachers working at CVA will be available to help Monday through Thursday, now scheduled from 3:30-4:30.   This is a wonderful opportunity for CVA students to work individually or in a small group.  Interested?  Just contact me!
8th graders will finish their Performance Task for graphing lines on Monday.  6th and 7th graders will take a Cumulative Assessment on Thursday of this week.
My best to all families as we work to stay safe!

Thank you so much!

I write this at the end of Parent Teacher conferences, October  2020.  I am so grateful for caring families, eager students, COVID-19 protocols and the staff I am part of.  Have a great three days!

Three day weekend, three day week, three day weekend!

The beginning of October brings a change of schedule.  This weekend is extended for CVA students, with us returning Tuesday for the first day of Parent Teacher conferences.  The format is a bit different from previous years.  Students will share their strengths and things to improve.  Teachers will summarize iReady results and the process will last not longer than 15 minutes.  We will need to clean up the classroom before the next conference!  Thanks so much for the last two months.  Math grades are strong, work ethic steady!  

A week of work!

We are finishing September, the second unit of math and looking forward to Parent/Teacher conferences.  Congratulations to CVA students for work well done!  This week we will do a Performance task, work on iReady and Prodigy and complete the first problem set for unit three.  Could you help your students remember to bring their pencils, calculator and composition book to class daily?
Thanks in advance!

Catching up and looking forward

What a busy week we had!  i Ready for both math and reading is finished, definitely a priority for the week.  During Leadership we started to design the gift basket that will serve as a fund raiser during Fall Fest.  6th grade is doing a basket for "Coffee Lovers", 7th "Fiesta Fun" and 8th will craft "Italian Dinner night".  If you haven't yet, please sign up for Parent Teacher conferences.  Ms. Asher sent the information for Sign Up Genius earlier this week.  Please make sure students have an extra mask, sharpened pencils and lunch!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!