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A bit about me!

My Biography


I am a fifth generation Colorado native, third generation from Loveland.  Traveling is my passion; Canada, Mexico, Europe and 48 states have been visited so far.  Teaching is my career; I have been a staff member in public schools, 2 private schools with CVA my first charter school.


My love is middle school, math and the opportunity to make a difference in the world. 

          Work hard. Be  nice!





Welcome to the new website and 5 weeks of the 2018-2019 school year, in room 134, Middle School math.

I’m Carlalee Boettger, but I go by Carlee as an easier first name

I'm qualified to teach 6-12 math and physics in Colorado and Wyoming.


I have taught grades 6-12 and a year of college.  My favorite years are the middle school ones! 


Fun Fact 1

I wanted to be a teacher at the age of 5.  I had a board, a teacher desk and a student desk.  My first student was my father.  We did math because I couldn’t read his handwriting!  My second student was my sister.  She was great in all subjects!


Fun Fact 2

You probably have heard of an Exchange student.  Did you know that there are programs similar to that for teachers?  As a Fulbright scholar,  I applied to be an exchange teacher to England.  I swapped jobs, houses and cars with a teacher in Doncaster (northern England) for a year.  What an exciting experience!!!



When I am not teaching, or planning lessons I am:

outside!  I love to work in the garden.  My yearly goal is to

grow enough herbs and vegetables to last a summer. 

So far I can’t seem to last past August…maybe this year.






Sunny days are coming!

Wrong two weeks ago (what a snow storm!  My friends in Cheyenne had 6 inches to our 12!), I feel confident today wishing you all a beautiful spring!  I look forward to welcoming tulips, daffodils, nesting birds and bright pink blossoms to the landscape.  I wish all of our CVA families and friends brighter days as well!  
#CVAStrong wrote Sara Asher and certainly our Middle School students have excelled.  In math last week #CVAStrong  middle school reached 100 scores of Excellence in IXL 7th grade math skills.  We saw 6th graders become experts in integers, 7th graders use the Pythagorean Theorem to find missing sides of triangles, 8th graders analyze data for outliers and use the discriminant to determine how many solutions a quadratic equation has.  CVA students work hard, ask important questions and continue to be nice! 
Thanks to all of the students and families of CVA for their strength and focus!

I can't believe last week's title was "sunny skies are coming!"

When I wrote last week's update I hadn't checked the snowfall expected on Easter or looked further into the week.  I was content to expect 2-4 inches of snow on Thursday. And, my Weather Channel reporting didn't state the 6-15 inches of snow expected until last Wednesday.  Wow!  11.2 inches at my house by Thursday evening.  
Sunny skies are coming!!!
Last week I congratulated our Middle School math students on answering 50,000 questions so far this year.  I challenged them to get to 55,000 by the coming Monday.  CVA students always step up to a challenge...and by Friday afternoon IXL recorded 55,000 questions!  What a great achievement.  IXL is following our curriculum and standards perfectly right now.
Next week's challenge:  60,000 questions answered.  This will be a new CVA record!  
Starting next week, information about curriculum, assignments, links to Zoom Rooms and offers for help will all be done in math Google Classrooms.
If you have not yet entered the Google Classroom, please email me for the code.
Have a warm, sunny week!

Sunny skies are coming!

I hope everyone had a refreshing weekend...and that warmer weather is ahead of us.
We will have some fun this week, Zoom Spirit Week.  Days are as

Monday - Crazy Hair Day
Tuesday - College/Sports Shirt Day
Wednesday - Class Color Day 
Thursday - Face Paint/Sticker Day
Friday - CVA Shirt/Spirit day

I look forward to Crazy Hair Day! 8th grade...the link for our rebuilt class is found in your Google Classroom post for this week.  If I didn't see you last week...use the link!  We are starting a new standard on Monday.

Questions?  Just e-mail! 

Finishing up the week!

It was SO GOOD to be back at work, see you and move forward with math. Next week is Zoom Spirit Week. The schedule below is:
Zoom Spirit Week April 13-17
Monday - Crazy Hair Day
Tuesday - College/Sports Shirt Day
Wednesday - Class Color Day
Thursday - Face Paint/Sticker Day
Friday - CVA Shirt/Spirit day
I look forward to Crazy Hair will be fun to see everyone. Please make sure to bookmark or download your online textbook. We will start using the text next week. Also, be sure to continue to work on IXL. Have a good weekend!

Middle School Math--the essentials!

Here are the meeting times and link to access each meeting:
6th grade math:  10:00-10:40
7th grade math:  11:00-11:40
8th grade math:  12:00-12:20 Advanced Pre-Algebra
                            12:20-12:40  Honors Algebra 1

Corrections for Zoom meeting ID and password

Hi CVA 6th graders! I
Our Zoom ID is 355-675-193 and our password is 006575
Hi CVA 7th graders!  
Our Zoom ID is 939-160-602 and our password is 730717

Hi CVA 8th graders! 

Our Zoom ID is 624-085-043 and our password is 504239

You will need paper, a pencil and a calculator. You could also have a calculator ready on your Chromebook.
Questions? Just email me!
See you soon...I miss you all!

Karrlee, Bethany and Tereasa offering office hours by Zoom Room!

Our CVA aides will be offering some office hours to provide additional live opportunities for our students.  See the schedule below:
Monday:     10:15-10:45 am     Karrlee
                     3:00-  3:30 pm     Bethany
Tuesday:    10:15-10:45 am     Tereasa
                     3:00-  3:30 pm     Karrlee
Wednesday:10:15-10:45 am    Bethany
                     3:00-  3:30 pm     Tereasa
Thursday:   10:15-10:45 am     Karrlee
                     3:00-  3:30 pm     Bethany
Friday:        10:15-10:45 am     Tereasa
                     3:00-  3:30 pm     Karrlee
Zoom Room codes are:
Tereasa's to follow!
As a reminder for all Zoom Room attenders...this is not a perfect technology.  Zoom may run slow at times, or have difficulty making connections.  Be patient and take your time!
As always, for me...should you have questions or concerns just e-mail!
I hope all families are doing ok in this difficult time.  This too will pass!

Here are the codes for our Google classrooms!

It will be so exciting to see you all next week.  Please go to the Google Classrooms below to get your Google Classroom information.
6th grade:
7th grade:
8th grade:
Questions?  Just email me!

Moving forward with online instructiobn

March 24, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

We hope that this email finds you all healthy and safe!  Practicing social distancing is vitally important for our nation during this time, which is why we will be holding class virtually for at least the next few weeks.  Currently, we hope to be back in the classroom by April 20th, we will keep you updated as we are updated! Because we need to move to a virtual classroom, here are some basic pieces of information for students and parents to know.  If, after reading this, you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Asher, Ms. Reynolds, or Ms. Boettger at their email addresses found below. We, as a team, are working hard to make this as easy a transition as possible for all involved.  

Each day starting on March 30th, we will have a virtual classroom set up for students to go into and participate as if we were actually having class through zoom.  We will follow our core schedule, for example, if you have Ms. Asher during Core 1, you will go to her google classroom and find the zoom link for Core 1 and click the link.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will meet during this time to talk about material, warm-ups, problem sets, and such. Tuesdays and Thursdays you will meet during this time to ask questions you might have about the material, problem sets, or whatever else you are having trouble with, but no new material will take place on Tuesday and Thursday, it is reserved for questions.  The following is the scheduled time for each class.  







Core 1


Core 2


Core 3


Core 1


Core 2


Core 3


Core 1


Core 2


Core 3


Core 1


Core 2


Core 3


Core 1


Core 2


Core 3

After a zoom session, if you have questions, there are two ways you can ask them.  If your question can wait until the next day at a zoom time, save it and ask it then.  If your question can not wait and you need an answer that same day, please email the teacher and you will receive a response no later than 7:00 PM with the answer.  Chances are we might get to you much sooner, but please be patient, and know sometimes we might not be able to get back to you immediately.

Parents (and students), it is important that students get to as many Monday, Wednesday, Friday zoom meetings as possible for each core.  This is how class will be conducted. We will be recording the meetings, so if you are unable to get to a meeting students can log into their google anytime during the day and watch the recording for the day and do the work for that day.  If they are having trouble logging in for any reason, please reach out to Ms. Asher immediately so that she can hopefully get some help for you as soon as possible. Any student that does not have internet or computer, we will have a few hard copies of what we are doing that can be picked up on Monday, March 30th, at the school from 8-12 noon ONLY.  Also for the safety and health of our students, only parents may enter the building at that time to get the packet. Those students that can’t attend our zoom meetings, and have packets, will be doing the material on their own, at their own pace, with the expectation that they meet the deadlines of turning things in with the rest of the class. Only a few packets will be made, if you have internet and computers, the expectation is you are using them, and not the hard copies we make.  

During this time, I ask that we all continue to hold true to our school character traits and work extra hard at being patient and kind with each other.  We are all on a learning curve with this process and doing the best we can. We have such amazing families and students at CVA, I know this is going to go smoothly.  The MS teachers, very much miss you all and can’t wait to get back to school to see you. As far as field trip money, the dance, continuation and other stuff, we are still waiting for more information on all of this as well, and as soon as we have information, we will pass it on to you.  Please check teacher pages, google classroom, and the website for the most up to date information!      

This should cover most questions you might have right now, please do not hesitate to email if you have other questions. 

Ms. Asher -

Ms. Boettger -

Ms. Reynolds -

Until we see your smiling faces again on zoom.  Have a wonderful rest of spring break! See you on March 30th in zoom!   

11 weeks

Finished...trimester 2 grades, Parent/Teacher conferences, unit tests and performance tasks. How exciting it was to see such growth, such progress over the last 7 months. The challenge? A strong finish...let's make sure the Chromebooks are charged, pencils sharpened, homework completed and Science project built. Congratulations to CVA students and their family for a quality year!

Three day weekend, four day week just in time!

What a busy, hectic week Middle School finished!  7th grade math classes finished page 545...over the 500 page mark. We all celebrated this feat with ice cream at the end of today.  Great work 7th grade!  
Reminders for the future:  please make sure to sign up for the Parent/Teacher conferences scheduled February 25 and 27. 
Math grades will be complete for the Trimester by next Thursday morning.  Overall, good results! 
Math students will do a Cumulative Assessment on Wednesday, February 26 and compete in the international contest "MathCon" on Thursday February 27.  This contest challenges the best of us!
How to help your MIddle School student?  Make sure a sharpened pencil is available, the required calculator ready and there is an attitude to work.  We have 3 more months of school...let's make them count!

Working towards the end of Trimester 2

Trimester 2 will end February 21. 
Math students are finished with the cumulative assessments, performance tasks and most of the problem sets for this grading period.  Examples of work are ready for the leadership books and parent/teacher conferences.  Grades look good, progress is apparent.
Please make sure your middle school student has pencils, erasers and a composition book.  Ask him or her about the calculator required for math.  If they have lost it...perhaps a search through the backpack, car or room make help find it.
It seems to be that time of year!!! Thanks for all you do!

Work and fun this week!

I hope your family enjoyed the incredible weather on our three day weekend!
The four day work week was productive and we all look forward tonight to our Middle School winter formal.  The food is always tasty, the play list lively but the best part is seeing the students enjoy their time together.
Next week we will have a cumulative assessment in all classes on Thursday, January 30.  The end of the trimester is less than a month away, grades are excellent and students should be proud of their work.
Questions?  Comments?  Just e-mail.
Thanks for all you do!

A good five day week

CVA middle school students accomplished so much this week!  Assignments are complete and grades are good.  As a reminder, Monday school is NOT in session in celebration of Martin Luther King Day.  On the following Friday will be our middle school formal dinner and dance.  
All classes will have a Cumulative Assessment on Wednesday January 29.  
Looking forward to February, the first Monday of the month, usually reserved for PD Days, will be a school day.   This is in payment for the snow days earlier this year. 
Please help your middle school student make sure the snacks, lunches, pencils and assignments are packed.  Chromebooks should be charged nightly!
Have a great three day weekend!

From slow and sleepy to back on track!

We all admit that last Tuesday was a loooong day!  CVA students returned refreshed, happy and a bit jet lagged.  By the end of the week we had completed problem sets, IXL action plans and performance tasks.
Could you help your student make sure they have their calculator, sharpened pencils with erasers and a snack for the afternoon?  That 10:30 lunch takes some adjustment.
Next week...mastering fractions for 6th, proportions for 7th, geometry in 2D for 8th and exponential functions for Algebra.
A few students will be retaking the math NWEA next Friday in a bid to increase their score from fall.It is great to be back!