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A bit about me!

My Biography


I am a fifth generation Colorado native, third generation from Loveland.  Traveling is my passion; Canada, Mexico, Europe and 48 states have been visited so far.  Teaching is my career; I have been a staff member in public schools, 2 private schools with CVA my first charter school.


My love is middle school, math and the opportunity to make a difference in the world. 

          Work hard. Be  nice!





Welcome to the new website and 5 weeks of the 2018-2019 school year, in room 134, Middle School math.

I’m Carlalee Boettger, but I go by Carlee as an easier first name

I'm qualified to teach 6-12 math and physics in Colorado and Wyoming.


I have taught grades 6-12 and a year of college.  My favorite years are the middle school ones! 


Fun Fact 1

I wanted to be a teacher at the age of 5.  I had a board, a teacher desk and a student desk.  My first student was my father.  We did math because I couldn’t read his handwriting!  My second student was my sister.  She was great in all subjects!


Fun Fact 2

You probably have heard of an Exchange student.  Did you know that there are programs similar to that for teachers?  As a Fulbright scholar,  I applied to be an exchange teacher to England.  I swapped jobs, houses and cars with a teacher in Doncaster (northern England) for a year.  What an exciting experience!!!



When I am not teaching, or planning lessons I am:

outside!  I love to work in the garden.  My yearly goal is to

grow enough herbs and vegetables to last a summer. 

So far I can’t seem to last past August…maybe this year.






Working towards the end of Trimester 2

Trimester 2 will end February 21. 
Math students are finished with the cumulative assessments, performance tasks and most of the problem sets for this grading period.  Examples of work are ready for the leadership books and parent/teacher conferences.  Grades look good, progress is apparent.
Please make sure your middle school student has pencils, erasers and a composition book.  Ask him or her about the calculator required for math.  If they have lost it...perhaps a search through the backpack, car or room make help find it.
It seems to be that time of year!!! Thanks for all you do!

Work and fun this week!

I hope your family enjoyed the incredible weather on our three day weekend!
The four day work week was productive and we all look forward tonight to our Middle School winter formal.  The food is always tasty, the play list lively but the best part is seeing the students enjoy their time together.
Next week we will have a cumulative assessment in all classes on Thursday, January 30.  The end of the trimester is less than a month away, grades are excellent and students should be proud of their work.
Questions?  Comments?  Just e-mail.
Thanks for all you do!

A good five day week

CVA middle school students accomplished so much this week!  Assignments are complete and grades are good.  As a reminder, Monday school is NOT in session in celebration of Martin Luther King Day.  On the following Friday will be our middle school formal dinner and dance.  
All classes will have a Cumulative Assessment on Wednesday January 29.  
Looking forward to February, the first Monday of the month, usually reserved for PD Days, will be a school day.   This is in payment for the snow days earlier this year. 
Please help your middle school student make sure the snacks, lunches, pencils and assignments are packed.  Chromebooks should be charged nightly!
Have a great three day weekend!

From slow and sleepy to back on track!

We all admit that last Tuesday was a loooong day!  CVA students returned refreshed, happy and a bit jet lagged.  By the end of the week we had completed problem sets, IXL action plans and performance tasks.
Could you help your student make sure they have their calculator, sharpened pencils with erasers and a snack for the afternoon?  That 10:30 lunch takes some adjustment.
Next week...mastering fractions for 6th, proportions for 7th, geometry in 2D for 8th and exponential functions for Algebra.
A few students will be retaking the math NWEA next Friday in a bid to increase their score from fall.It is great to be back!

Welcome 2020!

Welcome back to school as we greet a new decade with the new year.
2020 looks great as I write it on the board!
Thanks to all the CVA students and families for holiday wishes.
Looking forward, math students will receive their assessments given Wednesday December 18.  Almost all grades were above 80%! 6th Grade will work on decimal and fraction mastery, 7th grade will continue proportional relationships, 8th grade Advanced Pre-Algebra will explore probability and Honors Algebra 1 are deep into the real world applications of exponential functions.  No assessments on sight...quality, daily progress!

In sight...2020!

25 more days of the year would be proud of the work your students have finished so far this year!  Quality is good, accuracy excellent and work ethic exactly what we expect at CVA. 
Today I handed out a grade sheet for each student; grades are great!
Following are dates of important tasks:
Tuesday Dec. 17  Cumulative Assessment for all of Middle School math
Thursday Dec. 19  All work in for second trimester so far.
Thanks in advance for all you have done for your students this year!  They could use a few sharpened pencils!  (not kidding)

Finishing up before a well deserved break!

We have worked so hard for the last four months!  Students will finish 50 lessons buy the end of this week, 7th graders nearing 350 pages of material mastered.  IXL certificates are pouring in; together Middle School classes have answered 20,000 questions so far.  This could be a record setting year!
What do we need?  A chance to refresh and reset.  Could you help your Middle School student clean out their backpack, sharpen some pencils and maybe buy another composition book for math (because the first one is full!).
Thanks in advance for all you do!


Carbon Valley Middle School students have much to be proud of!  Grades are complete, posted on Infinite Campus and resulted in mostly As and Bs this trimester.
We have an Assessment on Tuesday for all classes.  
IXL Diagnostic work is complete; the IXL Action plan for November will be available for students on Monday.  This action plan is an excellent project for at-home.  IXL follows our curriculum, provides opportunities for "filling in holes" and extension of learning!
If you do not yet have the password to log into IC, please call the CVA front office and ask for it.  IC is the best way to monitor your student's grades and attendance.
Congratulations!!! A job well done for CVA families and students!

Yes, it is (finally) November

The goal for the week was, "Let's get caught up!"...and we did!
If you, as parents, have not yet signed up for the ability to see Infinite Campus, please do!  This is the very best way for students and their families to see work finished, missing assignments and results of major accomplishments (like assessments).  To sign up for Infinite Campus, contact CVA's front desk!
Trimester 1 grades for 6th, 7th and 8th grade Advanced Pre-Algebra are finished and posted. I gave students a print-out of grades today.  Honors Algebra 1 will finish grades on Tuesday.  As a reminder, Assessments are 60% of the grades, classwork and Performance Tasks are 40%.  
Questions or comments?  Just e-mail!
Have an enjoyable 3 day weekend...eating that Halloween candy!!!

Is it November yet???

A question heard in the hall, asked by a younger student.  The answer, is, not quite yet!  The latest assessment score will be added Monday afternoon.  A new IXL Student Action Plan was handed out yesterday; this customizes the math needed for each student. Still ahead:  Fall Festival Saturday 4:30-6:30, picture retakes and class photos Thursday 24 October, Middle School Dance 25 October, 5-7:00 and Halloween's all school Thriller Dance!  What a great way to end a beautiful month! 

Another Busy October week, no snow!

Was it me, or did the snow seem to come early this year?  Next week looks like a bit more normal for October!  And we know Octobers are busy!
Parents are encouraged to sign up for access to Infinite Campus.  To do this, call the CVA receptionist and ask for the password.  Checking grades with your middle schooler increases communication.
All grades will have a Cumulative Assessment on Friday October 18.  Grades for middle school math look particularly strong this year...let's maintain the momentum.
If you would like online access to a Saxon textbook, have your student ask me to send the link.  We seem to have plenty of time in class to work, but there are always absences!
Your students can always work on math at home.  Everyone has an IXL Action Plan.  Some will have Reflex math to work on, starting next week.  Prodigy is fun and motivating!  With all three, I can track use and progress.
Thanks to all attending Parent/Teacher conferences!  
Questions?  Just e-mail!

Looking ahead

We worked so hard this week!  Students finished 20 lessons (Honors Algebra 1, the first unit), reviewed topics and took a Cumulative Assessment.  They are filling Leadership notebooks with work samples for all classes and preparing for Parent Teacher Conferences.  We look forward to meeting with you the first week of October.  Congratulations to our excellent students!!!

What's going on the week of September 16?

Quite a bit!Friday students in 6th and 7th grade and 8th grade Advanced Pre-Algebra will take their next Cumulative Assessment.  Friday is also Free Dress Day.I sent an e-mail over Infinite Campus describing the Parent Nomination form for our Gifted and Talented program.  Pick up the nomination forms at our front office, drop them back at the desk when finished.
Coming soon!  The sign up sheet for our October 1 and 3 Parent/Teacher conferences!

A normal week in September!

Cooler nights, the promise of rain and leaves changing color.  These are wonderful  autumn days in Colorado!  As a reminder, the guidelines below will help make drive line efficient!
-please use the cross walk
-speed limit is 5 mph
-refrain from cell phone use in the school lot
-please pull as far forward as possible in the pick up/drop off line
Wednesday September 11 has two events:
8:15 am rally around the flag pole honoring 9/11
Fall individual  pictures and id taken
Grades have been entered for the first four weeks of school. Included are assessments, performance tasks and daily work.  All students now know their logon and password for IXL.  They are encouraged to finish the diagnostic for math and language arts. 
Questions or comments?  Just e-mail!

Enjoy the four day weekend!

What a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the last of summer in Colorado.  Cooler temperatures next week with three days of school for our CVA students!
Grades 6 and 7 completed a cumulative assessment on Thursday and a performance task on Friday. The 8th grade class will test next Friday,
September 7. Grades for all CVA will be posted on Tuesday afternoon!
Have a great weekend!