Mr. Schineller's 5th Grade

March 25th, 2020
Remote Learning Schedule:
8:00-8:20 Reflex Math
8:20-8:55 Novel and responses
9:00-9:45 Zoom meeting
9:45-10:30 Math
10:30-11:30 Language Arts
11:30-12:30 Lunch and recess
12:30-2:00 Social studies/Science
2:00-3:00 Specials (Monday-Art, Tuesday-Tech/music, Wednesday-Span/PE, Thursday-Tech/music, Friday-Span/PE)
August 9th, 2019
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I am looking forward to working with your students this year!  
Our first week will be spent getting to know each other along with policy and procedures for a cohesive classroom atmosphere!
Please email with any questions at: and you can also subscribe to my teacher page by following the link on the main page.
I'm looking forward to a great year and I cannot wait to meet parents and their students! 


Mr. Schineller, 12/2-12/6

Good afternoon!
Please check backpacks/Friday folders for an important notice regarding our inclement weather policy.  The short of it is that when the district calls a delayed start, we will also be on that schedule.  It is usually a 2 1/2 hour delay so we would want kids here at 10:30am.
We will also be starting our prep for Holidays Around the World when we get back from break.  Our countries are Spain, Brazil, and India.
Our learning:
Math:  We will be working on word problems, expanded notation, and finding the average (or mean).
Novel: We will finish up "Little Women" and compare it to the 1948 classic of the same title with Elizabeth Taylor and Vivian Leigh.
LA: We start learning about figurative language and continue with our reading comprehension.
Social Studies: We will continue with our unit on the "Renaissance".
Science: We will most likely be wrapping up our unit on "Plants: Structures and processes.
Important dates: 
12/20--Holidays Around the World, noon dismissal.
12/23-1/6--Christmas Break
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Mr. Schineller, 11/18-11/22

Good afternoon,
I thought the kids did a great job at the Music Fest last night! Well done!
Thank you to everybody that has sent in items for the food drive! Thank you for the donations, they will make a difference to those less privileged families in our area!
We had a great time playing the games that we created this past week.  There were some really interesting formats! Great job!
Our upcoming learning:
Math: We will be working on adding and subtracting fractions, divisibility, and quadrilaterals.
Novel: We will continue in "Little Women".
LA: We will be working on a short descriptive writing activity, reading comprehension, and a short Thanksgiving writing activity.
Social Studies: We will get back into our unit on the Renaissance.
Science: In our plant unit we will be talking about photosynthesis, flowering plants and seed growth.
Important dates:
11/19--Middle School Open House, 6-7:00pm
11/25-11/29--Thanksgiving Break
12/20--Holidays Around the World, noon dismissal.
Have a great weekend!

Mr. Schineller, 11/11-11/15

Good afternoon!
The elementary music performance will be November 14th.  The kids need to be in the classroom by 5:15, with the performance starting at 5:30pm.  Dress should be either a "jungle" theme or the school uniform. I can't wait, they are sounding pretty good!
Our upcoming learning:
Math: We will be working on converting remainders into fractions with division, adding and subtracting fractions, and divisibility.
Novel: We will be continuing in "Little Women".
LA: We will do some descriptive writing and reading comprehension.
Social Studies: We will take a short break to play our wonderful Age of Explorers games and then jump back into the Renaissance.
Science: We will be working on our Plants: Structures and Processes unit.
Important Dates:
11/11--Veterans day breakfast, 8-9:00 am
11/14--Elementary Music Fest 5:30-6:30pm
11/15--Thanksgiving food drive ends
11/22--Penny wars ends
11/25-11/29--Thanksgiving break
12/20--Holidays Around the World, noon dismissal
Have a great weekend!

Mr. Schineller, 11/4-11/8

Good afternoon!
The crazy week is finally over! It has been hectic with snow days and Halloween!
Our upcoming learning:
Math: We will be working with triangles, fractions, and division with mixed numbers instead of remainders.
Novel: We will continue with "Little Women"
LA: We will be working on writing summaries, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.
Social Studies: We will be diving into the Renaissance.
Science: We will wrap up our unit on Cells and move on to Plants.
Important dates:
11/4--No School, PD
11/7--Parent mixer, Mountain Cowboy, 5-7 pm
11/14--Elementary Fall Music Performance, 5:30pm
11/19--Middle School Open House, 6-7 pm
11/25-11/29--No School, Thanksgiving Break
Have a great weekend!

Mr. Schineller 10/28-11/1

Good afternoon!
Halloween is quickly approaching! We will be wearing our costumes to school on Thursday.  Please remember students should NOT wear masks, face paint, or have "weapons" and their costumes should allow them to participate in all of our regular activities.
Our Upcoming Learning:
Math: We will have a test this week along with learning some geometry and fractions.
Novel: We will be continuing along in "Little Women".
LA: We will be working on summarizing, reading comprehension, and editing.
Social Studies: We will be introducing the Renaissance later in the week.
Science: We will be reviewing and finishing up our unit on Cells and possible introducing our unit on Plants.
Important Dates:
10/30--Character assembly, 2:30pm
10/31--Halloween "party", 2:15pm
11/4--No School, PD
11/7--Parent Mixer, Mountain Cowboy from 5-7pm
11/11--Veteran's Day pancake breakfast
11/25-29--Thanksgiving Break
Have a great weekend!

Mr. Schineller, 10/21-10/25

Good afternoon!
We ended our week with a really fun STEM project that combined 4th and 5th.  The kids had to design a device that they could clean up a candy factory spill. It was a wonderful learning experience for the kids!
I apologize for not getting out a Shutterfly group, getting ready for Monster Golf has been taking up most of me time! It will coming within the next week though!
Our upcoming learning:
Math: We will do some geometry involving lines, angles, and polygons as well as diving into some more difficult division.
Novel: We will continue reading in "Little Women".
LA: We will finish up our persuasive paper and work on finding main idea, editing, and reading comprehension.
SS: We will continue our unit on "Age of Exploration".
Science: We will wrap up our unit on Cells: structure and processes.
Important Dates:
10/24--Fall picture retakes and class picture
10/31--Class Halloween party, a small casual event at the end of the day
11/4--No School--PD
Have a great weekend!

Mr. Schineller 10/14-10/18

Good afternoon!
Eco-week was a great time!  I think every student learned something about themselves and did something they didn't think they could!  Also, thank you again to parents who able to come with us! Your help was much appreciated by Ms. Wilson and myself.
Our Learning:
Math: We will be learning about the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percent, multiplying by 10s,100s, and 1000s.
Novel: We will continue reading in "Little Women"
LA: We will be working on our persuasive essay, sentence diagramming, and reading comprehension.
SS: We will continue with our "Age of Explorers" unit
Science: We will continue our Cells unit, focusing on mitosis
Important Dates:
10/17--Broncos Jersey fundraiser day
10/18--Parents night out fundraiser
10/19--Fall Fest, 4:30-6:30pm
Have a great weekend!

Mr. Schineller, 9/30-10/4

Good afternoon!
Eco-week is quickly approaching! Starting October 3rd, I will email the weather forecast for our time there.  This should help determine whether full winter clothes need to be packed or not.
Also, if you have not signed up for conferences, please check your email for the link (or check last weeks post).  
Our upcoming learning:
Math: division algorithm and factors, with a test this week.
Novel: We will continue with "Little Women".
LA: We will focus on paragraph transitions and reading comprehension.
Social Studies: We will continue with our unit on the Age of Exploration.
Science: We will continue our unit on Cells
Important, upcoming dates:
10/1 & 10/3--Parent Teacher conferences
10/4--No School
10/7--No School
10/19--Fall Festival
Have a great weekend!

Mr. Schineller, 9/23-27

Good afternoon,
If you have not signed up for Parent/Teacher conferences please follow the Sign-up Genius link to do so.  Thanks.
Our upcoming learning:
Math: We'll be introducing fractions, division with and without remainders, and factors of whole numbers.
Novel: We will be wrapping up "Don Quixote" and moving on to "Little Women".
LA: We will be working on finding the main idea, persuasive writing, and reading comprehension.
Social Studies: We will be wrapping up our unit on Meso-American Empires.
Science: We will be diving into our unit on Cells: Structures and Processes.
Important dates:
10/1 & 10/3--Parent/Teacher conferences, 4-8:00 pm at the school.
10/4--No School
10/7--No School
Have a great weekend!

Mr. Schineller, 9/16-20

Good afternoon!
If you feel your child may have exceptional academic abilities, please read the following message from Ms. Boettger and Ms. Maughon:
Gifted and Talented Identification
Each year, schools in St. Vrain Valley School District complete a process to identify students who demonstrate exceptional ability or performance in one or more academic areas. This means they may qualify for Gifted/Talented educational services. These students usually perform at least two years above grade level in their strength area(s) and require additional academic challenges in order to support their continued educational growth and progress. In addition, they usually demonstrate characteristics of unique creativity and high motivation in their strength areas.
The search for gifted/talented students begins with an opportunity for parents and/or teachers to refer students for review. Once referrals are received, a team of educators evaluate student state testing data, standardized test scores, rating scales and other school data to determine which assessments are needed in order to build the body of evidence and meet Board of Education approved criteria for identification.
If you believe that your child is demonstrating cognitive skills or academic/performance achievement above grade level peers, please pick up a nomination form from the CVA receptionist. Fill it out completely and return it back to the receptionist by Friday September 20.
Please contact ms. Boettger or Ms. Maughon
Conference sign-ups and Eco week permission slips have both gone out.  Please be on the lookout for them.
Our upcoming learning:
Math: we will be increasing our multiplication and division skills.
Novel: We will continue on in "Don Quixote".
LA: We will be talking about homophones, editing our writing, and continue with some reading comprehension practice.
Social Studies: This week we will be focusing on the Incan Empire.
Science: We will have a Classification unit test on Tuesday and then move into our unit on cells.
Upcoming dates:
9/18--Robotics Club Parent meeting, 5:15-6:00pm, in the library.
9/20--Free dress Friday.
9/21--Miner's Day parade (10:00am) and 5th grade pie eating contest (12:30pm)
10/1,10/3--Parent teacher conferences 4:00pm-8:00pm each day.
10/4--No School
10/7--No School PD
10/9-10/11--Eco-week trip
Have a great weekend and go Broncos!

Mr. Schineller, September 9th

Good afternoon!
A quick reminder about drive line from Principal Linhardt: please remember to pull forward as far as possible, please use the crosswalk if you are parking, and the speed limit is 5 miles per hour.
Our learning:
Math: This week we be working on number lines and data collection, multiplication, and finding missing addends using subtraction.  We might even squeeze in our 2nd test.
Novel: We will continue with the novel "Don Quixote".
LA: We will be doing some activities to help us write good introductions along with some reading comprehension work.
Social Studies: We will move from the Mayan civilization to the Aztec civilization.
Science: We will work on wrapping up our unit on scientific classification.
Upcoming Dates:
9/11--9/11 flag raising ceremony 
9/11--Class pictures
9/18--5:15pm  Robotics club meeting for interested parents/students
9/21--10:00am Miner's day parade and 12:30pm  5th grade pie eating contest
10/1, 10/3--Parent/Teacher conferences
10/9-10/11--Eco-week trip
Have a great weekend!

Mr. Schineller, September 3rd

Good afternoon Parents!
The school year is starting to really get rolling! Please look for an initial Eco-week information sheet to come home this week!
Our Learning:
Math: We will be gearing up for our first test of the trimester!
Novel: We will be introducing and starting the wonderfully hilarious story of "Don Quixote"!
LA: We will be doing some reading comprehension activities as well as working on how to construct a great paragraph.
Social Studies: We will continue to learn about the Mayan culture and move on to the Aztec culture.
Science:  We will continue with our unit on classification.
Important upcoming dates:
9/11--Flag ceremony for 9/11, 8:30am
9/11--Class pictures (uniform version)
9/21--Miner's Day parade and 5th grade pie eating contest.
10/1, 10/3--Parent-teacher conferences, Signup Genius coming soon.
10/9-10/11--Eco-week trip
Have a great long weekend!

Mr. Schineller, August 26th

Hello Families!
Our first full week is over.We have started to fall into our daily routine and we have started learning some great new things!
Our learning this week:
Math: We will continue with our foundational knowledge of ordinal numbers, the relationship between addition and subtraction, and finding missing addends.  We will also prepare for our first test.
Novel: We will work on comparing and contrasting the "Sherlock Holmes" reading and a video of the same story we read.
LA: We will be learning about simple, complex, and compound sentences and practicing some reading skills.
Social Studies: We will wrap up our whirlwind tour of geography and Great Lakes of the World unit and then dive right away into Meso-American Cultures.
Science: We will start our unit on classification.
Upcoming dates:
September 2nd--No school, Labor Day
September 3rd--No school, Professional Development
September 16th--Running club will start. Details to follow
September 21st--Miner's Day Parade
Have a great weekend!

Mr. Schineller August 19th

Good afternoon Parents!
We have had a great week getting to know each other! I excited for this class and think we will accomplish some great things!
Our upcoming learning:
Math--We will start in by reviewing some basic number sense ideas.
Novel: We will dive into "Sherlock Holmes and the Red-headed League". This is a fabulous detective mystery!
LA: We will be reviewing parts of speech and working on a first writing piece.
SS: In social studies we will be reviewing some basic geography and learning about some major lakes around the world.
Science: We will spend our first week learning about the scientific method and doing some fun experiments to reinforce our learning.
Upcoming dates:
9/2 No school--Labor Day
9/3 No school--Teacher Professional Development
9/21 Miner's Day Parade and 5th grade pie eating contest.
10/9-11 Eco-week field trip
Have a great weekend!