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To our CVA Community;
Wow, 2020 what a year!  Each December I like to take time and reflect upon the past year, evaluate the start, and see if I have met certain goals for myself.  In those times I get to think about where I have been and then decide where I will head for next year.  As we all sit back in reflection, I think that each one of us can confidently say that we are not where we thought we would be 12 months ago.  Our world is constantly changing and shifting, be it minute by minute, hour by hour, or day by day.  Each month throughout the year has brought new challenges, obstacles, that no one person could foresee.  But in all of that, the one constant we have seen in the CVA community is resiliency and commitment.   
Merriam Webster defines resiliency in two main ways: a) capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture. b) tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.  Commitment is defined as the quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity.  The phrase that has been a primary driver since March comes from our mission “Provide rich content and solid skills instruction in an environment that champions character and personal academic achievement”. Providing rich content and solid skill instruction has taken an enormous amount of resiliency and commitment on the whole CVA community, from the parents in March getting your child set up in an environment that would foster learning in your home, to the aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends that assisted in that process.  To our teachers who had to figure out creative ways to instruct our students without being physically present.  To our leadership team finding resources in a two-week time frame to pull off what appeared to be an impossible mission. Each member of this community came together to accomplish the goal of providing rich content and solid skills instruction to all our students.  We did this while most schools were going to a work-on-your-own model.
Commitment and resiliency this fall to stand against the crowd and say “we want our children to be in school” when most other educational opportunities were continuing an online program.  Our staff wanted to be in person, our parents wanted to be in person, our board wanted the in-person opportunity.  Again, our staff and teachers stepped up planning and made sure our facility was ready on day one to receive your students in a safe environment.  Ready with additional cleaning, ready with safety protocols, ready to create an environment in which our students could become the best that they can be.  Ready to create a sense of normalcy in a world of chaos.
As we look forward to the new year I can say with confidence that your board, your staff, and your teachers will continue with commitment and resiliency to provide your student and the CVA community with the best possible opportunities to create and foster a culture that will provide each student with “rich content and solid skills instruction in an environment that champions character and personal academic achievement.”
Wayne Reyburn